Sanders And Biden Top The Hill’s List Of 2020 Trump Challengers

A list of 36 potential challengers who may take on Trump for the presidency in 2020 appeared in The Hill on Tuesday.

At the top of the list? None other than former presidential candidate and Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders: “Sanders reportedly met with top advisers in late January to discuss a potential 2020 run,” according to this report. The report also notes that Sanders would be 79 upon being sworn in as president in 2021.

Former Vice President Joe Biden comes in at number two on this speculative lineup, followed by several other high-profile Democrats . . . as well as Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

An Axios SurveyMonkey poll from last month has Biden up as the foremost choice amongst Democrats, and Winfrey came in 4th in this poll (she has, however, repeated that she has no intention of running in 2020).

But at this early point in the game (and things may look entirely different post-2018 midterm elections), the only declared major candidate on the Democrat side is Maryland Congressman John Delaney