State Rep. Matt Hall: “DePerno Has Time to Unite GOP”

Lansing, MI – State Representative Matt Hall, the frontrunner to be next Speaker of the House, recently announced his support for the Michigan GOP endorsed Attorney General candidate Matt DePerno and encouraged the GOP to unite behind his candidacy. 

Hall is DePerno’s highest profile endorsement following the highly contentious State Endorsement Convention in April.

Appearing last week on Off the Record, Hall spoke about DePerno, the current political landscape and the race to retain majority for Republicans in the State House.

Hall voiced opposition to a small but vocal group of donors who spent the two weeks following convention attempting to throw the Party in disarray, by refusing to support DePerno and encouraging donors to give to fake conservative organizations to defeat Trump-supported candidates.

Hall was one of President Trump’s earliest and most vocal supporters in Michigan during the 2016 primary and was a pivotal member of the rules committee at the RNC Convention that year, blocking Never-Trumper attempts to install a new candidate in Cleveland. 

A Hall Speakership would give Trump a powerful ally in Lansing should he choose to run for President again in 2024. Incoming Republican Senate Leader Aric Nesbitt, has been a staunch supporter of President Trump as well, a polar opposite of current Leader Mike Shirkey. 

Hall has not only united the current caucus behind his run, but has been a prolific fundraiser, raking in $300k cash on hand in his leadership account on top of having 23 public votes. 

Both Representatives Andrew Fink and Sarah Lightner dropped out of the Speaker’s race and threw their support behind Hall, giving him a clear path to the House’s top leadership position.