Obama Artist Likes To Draw Whites Being Beheaded, Uses Chinese Slave Labor

The artist who produced former President Barack Obama’s official portrait is known for racially charged paintings depicting the beheading of white people, as well as for his controversial use of Chinese slave labor.

According to Gateway Pundit:

“The artist who painted former President Obama’s portrait for the Portrait Gallery, part of the Smithsonian Institution, has an interesting past. While reviewing previous works by artist Kehinde Wiley, it was discovered that he has a great fondness for painting black women beheading white women.

Both beheading pieces are titled “Judith beheading Holofernes”, referencing a story in the Book of Judith, which involves a beautiful woman who seduces an invading general before he is able to destroy their land, gets him drunk, and then decapitates him.

UPDATE: It turns that Wiley, the racist “artist” behind Obama’s portrait, doesn’t even do his own painting. Wiley hires Chinese labor to paint his “ideas” – for the follow-up story click here.”