Breaking: “Quality Guru” Perry Johnson Endorses DePerno For AG, Calls On James Craig And Other Candidates For Governor To Join Him

Michigan Republican Gubernatorial candidate Perry Johnson announced Tuesday he is joining President Donald Trump in endorsing Matthew DePerno for Attorney General. 

Johnson, the “Quality Guru” who helped revolutionize America’s auto industry in the 80’s, has turned the Michigan Governor’s race upside down since the launch of his extremely successful Super Bowl ad campaign the last two weeks.

Johnson is also calling on the other candidates for Governor, including former Detroit Police Chief James Craig, to join him in backing DePerno. 

Craig stood next to Attorney General candidate Tom Leonard at a James Craig for Governor event in August when Craig said he wanted “to be defined as James Craig, not Donald Trump.”

Johnson says DePerno is the best candidate to beat current radical leftist Attorney General Dana Nessel, and that DePerno will secure Michigan’s elections.

“I’m endorsing Matthew DePerno for Attorney General because of his commitment to securing our elections and because he is the best candidate to defeat Dana Nessel,” Johnson said in a statement Tuesday. “Quality elections mean secure elections.” 

Johnson pointed to a myriad of examples of problems with Michigan elections.

“We have witnessed incompetence and fraud with the Southfield Clerk facing felony charges, precinct poll books significantly off in the city of Detroit, and the Michigan Secretary of State sending out absentee ballot applications statewide to outdated voter rolls,” Johnson said. “We need an Attorney General who will hold people accountable and help ensure quality in our election system.”

Johnson wants his Republican primary opponents to join him in supporting DePerno.

“I am calling on other Republican gubernatorial candidates to join me in endorsing Matthew DePerno for Attorney General,” Johnson said. “We can and should unite our party at the upcoming state convention.”

Johnson is attending a fundraiser for DePerno next week at Mar-a-Lago with President Trump.