Trump’s Travel Ban Will Expire This Weekend

The Trump administration’s 90-day travel ban will come to a close this Sunday, The Hill reports.

The ban placed a temporary hold on people from Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia entering the United States, unless they had a strong and genuine connection to an American citizen or group.

In June of this year, after nationwide protests against the ban and lower courts’ attempts to place the President’s executive order on hold for review, the Supreme Court overruled these holds and allowed the administration’s travel ban to go into effect. In two weeks, however, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for and against the lawfulness of the ban.

Moreover, now that the ban is ending soon, pressure is on the administration to come up with a vetting system for foreign nationals entering the country. A new report from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may help hammer out some of the details:

“The [DHS] was supposed to determine — on a country-by-country basis — whether additional screening information is needed to assess whether an individual seeking entry in the U.S. is a threat. . . . Depending on the findings, the administration may decide to expand the ban, issue a new one or revamp its vetting procedures, though all those options could face legal challenges.”