Liberal Labor Unions Appear to Pay Casperson Back for Right to Work Vote

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.20.35 PMLiberal labor unions appear to be paying back Tom Casperson for being one of the only Republicans to vote against Right to Work legislation.  They are spending over one hundred thousand dollars on negative attack ads to lift the campaign of Casperson over Jason Allen and Jack Bergman.

The Detroit News reports:

“The union-funded Defending Main Street super political action committee has made a late entry into the race, buying $150,000 in TV airtime and $25,000 in mail advertising attacking Casperson’s chief rival, former state Sen. Jason Allen of Traverse City.”

Tom Casperson has been consistently ranked the most liberal Republican Senator in Michigan by conservative groups such as the American Conservative Union (ACU).  He votes against Right to Work, voted for the Gas Tax Increase, and voted in favor of Medicaid Expansion.

Conservative Intel previously covered his voting record