Detroit News Poll Shows DePerno Within 1, On Verge Of Victory

The Detroit News has just released a new poll which shows a statistical dead heat in the Michigan attorney general race. 

Republican Matt DePerno looks as though he is on the verge of victory against Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel. 

This race has always been close, with DePerno outperforming the other Republicans on the top of the ticket by several points in virtually every poll that’s been released. 

This new poll showing a dead heat comes at the best time possible, allowing DePerno to gain even more momentum within just one week of the election. 

The Detroit News and WDIV-TV commissioned poll was conducted by Glengariff Group. Nessel has just a 22% to 43% lead which falls within the margin of error of plus or minus four points, for the October 26-28 poll of 600 general election voters. 

“Voters are shocked by Dana Nessel’s comments about putting a drag queen in every school and can’t afford her attempts to shut down Line 5,” DePerno’s spokesman Tyson Shepard said. 

This poll is consistent with the exclusive memo obtained by Conservative Intel, where former Congressman and Ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra predicted Matt DePerno would defeat Dana Nessel. 

In that memo, Hoekstra called upon Republicans to donate to Matt DePerno because of the huge impact it can make. 

“It is much cheaper to have an impact in the race for Attorney General than it is in the race for Governor,” Hoekstra said. “The race for Attorney General will have in the neighborhood of $8 million total spent on both sides combined, whereas the race for Governor will have closer to $80 million spent. A donation in the race for Attorney General arguably goes 10 times farther. An investment in the AG race helps Dixon, and DePerno.” 

Hoekstra went on to point out DePerno’s low name ID, but he views this as an opportunity to build name ID in the final weeks. The ceiling in the AG race is very high for DePerno, because he’s spent very little on TV, radio, and digital, so momentum in this final week can go a very long way. 

Former Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has also asked Republicans to unite behind Matt DePerno. 

“Attorney General is a serious responsibility. From significant Constitutional issues before the U.S. Supreme Court to educational challenges in Michigan, Dana Newssel utilizes the Attorney General’s office as a political weapon for the radical left. Dana Nessel should be replaced. Matt DePerno is the better decision for Attorney General,” Schuette said. 

This new momentum and hopefully influx of funding in the final week is a recipe for a big win for Matt DePerno and Republicans on November 8th.

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