Zahra’s Ex-Wife: Brian Zahra paid for my abortion

Alyssa Jones, the ex-wife of Michigan Supreme Court Judge Brian Zahara told NBC News that after he impregnated her in college, he found a clinic and paid for her abortion. She claims that they never discussed any other options.

When the abortion was over, she cried in the car and Zahra yelled at her saying “If you didn’t want to do this, why did we do this?” 

Jones said she felt “relieved” when it was over, despite the stronger emotions that swept over her when she sat next to Zahra in the car afterward. He snapped at her while she cried, then drove her to Arby’s.

“I’m grateful I had a choice, and I think he’s grateful he had a choice,” Jones said. 

The breaking news makes Zahra, a Republican, look hypocritical. It’s a major blow to his campaign just days before the Tuesday, November 8th General Election. 

In September, Zahra voted to block Proposal 3, a ballot initiative which would add abortion rights to the Michigan Constitution. 

Jones said in the NBC News interview that she believes the termination of her pregnancy ultimately helped him build a successful law career, and his vote was an attempt to deny others a similar choice. 

Zahra declined to be interviewed by The Detroit News, and instead his campaign team provided a statement that did not confirm or deny Jones’ account of the abortion.

There are two Democrats on the ballot for Michigan Supreme Court, and only one other Republican candidate, Paul Hudson. It looks like Hudson will be the only good option pro-life voters in the Michigan Supreme Court race.