As Dems Lose Faith in Hillary, Biden Attracts Obama Donors

AP/Jim Cole, AP/Paul Beatty

The Democratic Party continues to look for an alternative to Hillary Clinton. Understandably: they want to win in 2016 and they have doubts that Hillary can get it done.

A McClatchy story tells of some Democrat worries about her. First, there is the email server scandal. Predictably, it is not the endangering of classified material or the incompetent and careless use of the email address or even the dishonesty about it since.

No, the email scandal is a problem according to Democrats because it “muddles the thinking of a lot of people.” I would suggest that it clarifies things for anyone paying attention. It clarifies Hillary’s character – or lack thereof – and what her administration would look like: filled with incompetence, dishonesty and corruption, not unlike her husband’s.

Additionally, “some [Democrats] worry about her ability to connect with voters.” By comparison, they note, Joe Biden is a warm and friendly person who can connect with others.

Biden is still attracting the attention of Democrats as the alternative of choice to Clinton. This despite the fact that he is hesitant to put his family through a presidential campaign so soon after the death of his son Beau and despite Hillary’s attempts to use her influence to freeze him out.

According to the Washington Examiner, many of Obama’s donors are behind his vice president rather than his 2008 rival, Clinton. Jon Cooper, finance chairman for the Draft Biden effort, says he expects the organization to raise $2.5 to $3 million, enough to help Biden hit the ground running should he choose to jump in.

Positive news for Biden, but not Hillary, as Cooper went on to say that “out of 820 top Obama donors, only 51 have committed to Clinton.”

It doesn’t help that the Clinton campaign’s fundraising system is apparently very tiered. Donors find that there are a lot of layers and people ahead of them “that they can’t get past the velvet rope lines.”

Once again, Hillary’s bid has the feeling of an anticipated coronation, as though she doesn’t have to do the difficult work of actually persuading the Democratic base to back her. Once again, she’s finding it less the cake walk that she was hoping it would be.