Fundraising Troubles for the Jeb Bush Campaign

One of the biggest reasons that Jeb Bush has been considered a formidable contender for the Republican nomination is that his campaign was supposed to be a leader in fundraising. It largely has been so far, but that quest hit a snag yesterday.

Politico reports that three Florida-based fundraising consultants split with the campaign “amid internal personality conflicts and questions about the strength of his candidacy.” It is unclear whether they were let go because they were no longer considered needed or whether they left the campaign but will still work with the Bush SuperPAC Right to Rise.

Although the story reports that donors remain optimistic about Bush’s chances despite recent slips in his polling numbers, it was also noted that his fundraising numbers too have fallen off in recent months.

A source indicated that personality conflicts were the reason for the parting of ways with the three fundraising consultants, an inevitable problem of large campaigns like Bush’s. That said, “Some said they’re less concerned with the campaign than with Jeb’s candidacy, which has so far failed to ignite Republicans.”

Lack of faith by donors in Jeb’s candidacy is a major problem because he is running the most expensive operation. Indeed, one consultant who was familiar with the internal numbers was quoted as saying, “Jeb might not have a fundraiser problem. He might have a spending problem.”

The problem is eerily similar to the one being experience by the Hillary Clinton campaign now: the assumed frontrunner is failing to excite voters and thereby is finding it difficult to attract donors. Both Bush and Clinton need to find their traction soon.