Rand Paul Unleashes New Strategy

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Rand Paul’s campaign reportedly is unleashing a strategy to ensure that his polls numbers uptick ahead of the second GOP debate.

The strategy involves resurrecting the plan used by his father, Ron Paul, in his previous bid for the White House wherein smaller states with relatively early primaries are targeted in order to collect a cache of small wins.

Though those primaries and caucuses are small in size and number, the delegates they send to the national convention add up very quickly. It’s a smart strategy that often flies under the radar of the larger, more well-funded campaigns which focus on the earlier and larger primary states.

If Paul remains among the top ten for the debate state, the strategy could prove to be a flanking maneuver that keeps the race competitive for longer than many believe.

As mentioned before on Conservative Intel, with such a large field, the goal for any presidential campaign should be to stay competitive for the long run while picking up delegates as other candidates pick each other off. Looks like that’s just what the Paul campaign has in mind.