Hillary Attempts to Ice Joe Biden

With the members of the DNC meeting this week in Minneapolis, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has one thing on its collective mind: squashing the budding candidacy of Joe Biden.

Working the group and ‘flexing campaign’ muscles among the influential members of the party, Hillary’s top advisers have been moving swiftly to reassert her dominance and influence in the field.

Also this week, she has invited major donors to a Brooklyn summit at the campaign headquarters for a showcase of the operation’s next-gear strategy to overcome the challenges that have plague Hillary since at least March.

That strategy is aimed at showing a steady hand to the public and particularly to key Democrat stakeholders in hopes they won’t consider jumping ship should Biden announce.

But the challenge is no small one with twin hurdles both in the ongoing email scandal that continues to be fed by almost weekly revelations coupled with the media’s coverage of successive polls that show her losing more ground both to her Democrat counterparts and to Republican hopefuls.

Hillary will be forced to confront the media and the public rather than shy away, all without saying or doing anything that might feed that fire.