Two ‘Impossible Things’ in the Race for the White House

A number of things have occurred thus far in the fight for the respective nominations that previously were considered impossible, argues seasoned political analyst Michael Barone.

And at least two more could be on the horizon as the landscape of both parties has changed and continues to do so dramatically on a monthly basis.

First, in a matter of months Hillary Clinton has gone from the undisputed heir apparent for the Democrat crown to the subject of speculation about a possible criminal investigation.

With the continued downward pressure on her polling numbers, it is entirely conceivable — even if she remains in the race to the end — that Hillary will not be the frontrunner.

A second impossibility according to Barone is that the spectacle of Donald Trump’s presence in the race has created an appeal to a segment of the voting population that didn’t bother to show interest in previous elections.

A massive expansion of the Republican voter base could be the very result of his candidacy in ways no analyst would have expected, and this eventuality turns the electoral and demographic paradigm on its head.