Graham Jumps Into the Ring

The long line of expected official GOP candidates grew even longer this week. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina favorite, declared he would formally seek the Republican nomination, Politico reports.

Announcing he will kick off his efforts officially on June 1st, Graham detailed in an interview on CBS’s “This Morning” that his qualifications and experience, particularly on foreign policy, give him a unique edge over the other contenders.

Graham said the “world is falling apart” but it was his “ability, in my mind, to be a good commander in chief” that pressed him to ultimately make a White House bid.

Graham joins an A-list of titan candidates, three of whom serve with him in the U.S. Senate, who have commanded in the polls two and three times greater approval numbers to-date.

The low name-ID and meager support among GOP primary voters, even among those in his home state where he comes in third place at best, has many analysts scratching their heads for the real motivation.

The third in the line-up of ‘first in the nation’ primaries, South Carolina is traditionally a difficult early test for candidates. It has historically served to thin out the herd, cutting out up to half of early contesters. If Lindsey under performs at home, his candidacy will likely be short lived.