Servergate Opens Up Wide Again

Just when the private email server scandal seemed to have drifted into the background of her presidential plight, new revelations of Hillary Clinton’s email practices have reopened the wound.

According to emails released by the New York Times this week, Hillary’s claim to have used only one email address via her private server while Secretary of State was proven to be boldly false.

What’s more, the Times unearthed emails between Hillary Clinton and Sidney Blumenthal which “blurred the lines” between what was official government business and private business for the Clintons.

In addition to the address which she claimed was exclusively used, Clinton also employed “” in a host of official communications with State Department officials. The news raises the question of other possible emails and the nature of those communications.

Among the received emails from “” there were at least two dozen communiques sent by Blumenthal in which he speculated on intelligence concerning Libya, which he had received from business partners hoping to cash in on the newly fallen government.

The Times also reported that, during Hillary’s tenure at the State Department, Blumenthal was on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation as well as serving in various capacities with liberal political groups.

Blumenthal is currently under subpoena from the House Select Committee on Benghazi to testify in a private recording session about his knowledge of Hillary’s email use and its implications in the Benghazi debacle.