Christie Stalls As He Restarts His Mojo

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie seemed to be regaining traction in New Hampshire, with his “Tell It Like It Is” campaign motif. However, a new blow fell on the scandal-marred Republican hopeful this week.

New Jersey state Senator Joe Kyrillos announce he will support Jeb Bush for president reports the Washington Post. Kyrillos coupled the announcement with a $10,000 donation to Bush’s Super PAC. Kyrillos was Christie’s go-to man in the legislature for spearheading key Republican bills. He also served as Christie’s campaign chairman during the 2009 election bid.

This announcement may be the first of many to reveal the repercussions of the Bridgegate scandal.

What’s more, in Quinnipiac’s most recent survey of New Jersey voters, Christie’s approval numbers are well below those of President Obama‚Äôs. Released early this week, the survey showed only 38% supporting Christie while a full 58% view him unfavorably.

Christie’s inability to win over voters in his own state has fueled doubt among national supporters. Without the support of these voters, Christie is unable to gain momentum he once had in the Republican Governors Association.

Though Christie wins the virtual primary vote in New Jersey, he is soundly defeated by Hillary Clinton among NJ voters 51 to 36. Additionally, he remains underwater in most national Republican surveys where his disapproval numbers are well over 50% and remain much greater than his approval numbers.