Obamacare Court Battles Grows

The Supreme Court continues to review the suit against the ACA and the legality of the individual subsidies codified within the text of the law. Now, another threat has been added to the future of the president’s signature policy.

Last week, Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced a new suit against the federal government. He claims retaliatory action was taken against Florida by threatening to cancel federal health care subsidies for the state. Scott filed suit shortly after Florida announced it would not expand Medicaid according to The Hill.

This week, that case gained new momentum as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed onto the suit explaining, “When the federal government exceeds its constitutional authority, the States must take action.”

Regardless of the decision from the Supreme Court on the subsidy case, this new suit poses further hurdles for Obamacare just as President Obama presses to shore up his legacy ahead of the 2016 elections.