Marco Rubio, The Next Great Communicator (Video)

Sen. Marco Rubio is being hailed as the heir to Ronald Reagan’s title ‘The Great Communicator’ and  The release of a Youtube video strengthens the argument.

On a bar stool, in an intimate Internet cafe, the former Florida speaker sits in a close-up shot. His personality shines through and allows thousands of viewer to feel as if he is speaking to them individually.

In the video, Rubio searches “the top ten questions” on himself via Google and answers them one by one. One search result poses the question, “Is Marco Rubio a Democrat?” Rubio assures the audience, “No, I’m a Republican and proud to be one.”

The potential first Gen-X president does well, according to some campaign experts. He does what many other candidates fail to do: offer accessibility to voters who want, perhaps more than anything, to feel a sense of humanity and openness in candidates.

It is, after all, a quality that won over the masses in 2008 despite Barack Obama’s relatively scant leadership experience. And it could be that same quality that propels Rubio ultimately to the top of the Republican polls, despite his limited background and youth.

One conservative columnist portrayed the current primary as a race between Scott Walker, the ‘wonkish’ governor, and Jeb Bush, the ‘blue-blood patrician.’ This opens the road for Rubio to present himself as the relatable candidate. He could launch to the front of the race if he shines in the debates.