Judge Warns Obama Administration on Immigration

The saga over Obama’s executive amnesty is nowhere near an end this week as new developments promise further roadblocks for the administration’s effort to legalize the millions of immigrants in the country.

Federal Judge Andrew Hanen, who previously issued an injunction on the administration’s processing via the Department of Justice of thousands of immigrants, warned of further ‘sanctions’ against the White House.

In a heated exchange between Hanen and the Justice Department attorney Kathleen Hartnett, the judge’s patience clearly grew short with the administration’s lack of forthrightness on whether officials had proceeded forward with amnesty applications despite the court’s injunction.

Responding to Hartnett’s clarification on the administration’s promise to halt the processing of applications, Hanen remarked, “Like an idiot I believed that.” Hartnett attempted to split hairs by explaining that the applications that were processed had been applied under the 2012 provisions rather than Obama’s edict of last year. Judge Hanen pressed Hartnett further,

“Can I trust what the president says? That’s a yes or no question.”

The 24-state coalition which brought the original suit against the administration continued its argument that the processing of illegal aliens places undo economic pressure on states for compliance and regularization.