Survey Shows Democrat Schizophrenia

According to Rasmussen’s latest national survey this week, 54% of American voters unsurprisingly think the Democrat Party should nominate a ‘fresh face’ in 2016 rather than running a candidate from a past election.

What comes as a surprise, however, is that only 44% of Democrat respondents believe their party should run a past candidate. Instead, a full 57% of Democrats refuse to support a candidate who has already run for president.

The numbers come as a stark contrast to the high approval marks Hillary Clinton gets from her fellow Democrats which, despite the scandals, is at 84%. So the upshot appears to be that while well over three-quarters of Democrats like Hillary, more than half of them don’t think she should run for president.

The more troubling result of the survey for Democrats is that over half of the Independents who responded had an unfavorable opinion of Hillary Clinton with 34% of those seeing her as ‘very unfavorable.’