Breaking: America First Conservative Perry Johnson Considers Run For President, Launches Major Super Bowl Ad Campaign In Iowa

Perry Johnson

Perry Johnson, the “Quality Guru” and Constitutionally Conservative, Trump Republican who helped revolutionize America’s auto industry in the 80’s, is considering running for President—and he’s launching a major Super Bowl ad campaign in Iowa to launch it.

According to The Detroit News:

“Republican Perry Johnson, a Michigan businessman and former candidate for governor, is launching a campaign committee to potentially run for president along with funding Super Bowl ads to back his possible bid in the key state of Iowa.

Johnson announced the formation of his presidential committee Thursday, a step that will allow him to begin raising and spending money.

In a statement, Johnson said he supported former President Donald Trump, a Republican, in 2016 and 2020 and “could very easily support him in 2024. But Johnson said politicians from both parties “have failed to provide adequate solutions to the most pressing problem facing our country: runaway spending and the inflation that came with it.”

Johnson, who will make additional buys in the Hawkeye State after the Super Bowl, says he will be visiting Iowa and launching a bus tour, as well as opening an office, within the coming months. 

“I will be visiting Iowa in the next week, opening an office and planning for my Iowa bus tour and formal announcement for President of the United States in the months ahead,” Johnson added.

Johnson’s new ad will be released in multiple television media markets across Iowa, including Des Moines,Sioux City, Cedar Falls and the Quad Cities, according to a statement. The cost of the Super Bowl advertising was$192,000 and additional buys will be placed next week, the statement said.”