Hillary’s Foundation Under Renewed Scrutiny

Hillary’s war with the media has opened up on two separate fronts as she battles to defend her status of inevitability ahead of an official announcement for president next month.

The personal email scandal is still metastasizing, with congress subpoenaing additional email correspondence from former State Department officials. Now, Jonathan Allan at Reuters reports new details have emerged concerning donations made by foreign governments to the Clinton’s multiple charities.

Contrary to her 2008 promise to Barack Obama to disclose all donors to her various non-profit, it was learned this week that Hillary’s Clinton Health Access Initiative has failed to release a list of donors since 2010.

And despite a similar promise to the State Department, records revealed that by the time of her departure from the Obama administration in 2013 CHAI had received millions of dollars in donations from at least seven different foreign governments.

Polls taken in recent days have indicated this new scandal poses an even greater threat to Hillary’s approval rating than the personal email debacle. The donor scandal harkens back to revelations in the 2000 presidential race in which Democrat nominee Al Gore was tainted by similar support from foreign governments.