Administration Gives Amnesty to 100K Before Injunction

Last month’s injunction issued by federal District Judge Andrew Hanan on the Obama administration’s executive amnesty plans have halted the actions for now, but not before damage was already done, reports the Washington Tomes.

Lawyers for Texas explained to Judge Hanan that between Obama’s Nov. 20 announcement of the plan and the judge’s injunction, at least 100,000 illegal aliens were awarded amnesty under the new edict.

Among the benefits conferred to the amnestied aliens is a two to three year work permit and a removal from deportation proceedings by ICE, however further details on what additional benefits have been offered are not clear.

The coalition of states which brought the original suit to the federal court warn that the injunction only prevents the administration from processing further amnesty applicants but it does not prevent the administration from refusing to deport illegal aliens.

Last week, President Obama argued to a Spanish-language audience that the move by his administration “expands my authorities” explaining also that federal agents who do not comply with his orders could be disciplined.

Texas attorney for the coalition point to the statement as an admission that the president has violated federal law by taking upon himself new powers not granted by the Constitution or by Congress.