Hillary Private Email Scandal Explodes

The scandal that broke Monday concerning Hillary Clinton’s private email address, established while she was being confirmed as Secretary of State, has metastasized and threatens to undo her presidential efforts before they’ve really even begun.

During the ongoing investigations into the debacle in Bengahzi, congressional leaders have requested all documentation concerning communication by administration officials surrounding the attacks on the embassy.

The result of the request was the submission of reams of documents. However, the revelations of Hillary’s private email address for official business strongly suggests an attempt to skirt federal oversight on her communiques about sensitive details in Benghazi.

Two years ago, a FOIA request was made by Gawker for private email communications between Hillary Clinton and staff leader Sidney Blumenthal. A hacker revealed he also had been using a private address, according to Real Clear Politics, but the State Department mysteriously could not find any relevant emails.

In a separate report, the private email address used by Clinton during her years at the State Department reveal that the email server used for the communications was housed at her Chappaqua home in New York, a very unusual activity especially for a high-ranking government official.

Experts say the use of a private email server would have offered Clinton the legal protection against a search of those communications by federal subpoena. All in all, the cloud of suspicion hanging over Camp Hillary has darkened ahead of her reported April presidential launch.