Unions Could Bail on Dems in 2016

At least since FDR’s New Deal era, the Democrat Party has enjoyed as part of its coalition the ‘working man’ vote represented by private-sector unions which routinely pour tens of millions of dollars into Democrat campaigns.

Notwithstanding, Gov. Scott Walker’s most recent re-election victory in November came after union-organized political committees had spent over $50 million dollars in three separate attempts to defeat him.

But the trend of union support may be fading as the sun sets on arguably the most anti-job, anti-worker administration in history. And the repercussions of that reality may quickly be seen in the 2016 election cycle when union political spending either begins to vanish or at least is matched by contributions to Republicans, FOX News reports:

Whether in taxing middle-class and blue-collar workers via Obamacare’s HHS mandate or in killing new jobs altogether in its fight to derail the Keystone pipeline, the hurt is being felt among Average Joe union members.

What’s more, typical union members in the Midwest and South are traditionally conservative on social issues, particularly in terms of the First, Second and Tenth Amendments. When push comes to shove, those votes and their union-dues-turned-campaign dollars could be going elsewhere.

While President Obama continues to ignore repeated pleas from national union leaders on Keystone and HHS, Republicans are beginning to woo them via a Reform Conservative agenda that focuses on expanding and energizing the middle class. The 2016 cycle could be a clash over who best values the working man.