ISIS Shoots Down Obama Poll Numbers

On the heels of reports from the Pentagon that ISIS has added at least 20,000 recruits to its ranks in recent weeks, the situation in the Middle East continues to worsen and voters are none too pleased.

According to a recent CNN poll on the issue, at least 58% of Americans think the administration’s efforts to combat ISIS isn’t going so well, this despite the president’s renewed rhetoric on defeating them.

Those numbers track evenly with the 57% of those who disapprove specifically of how Obama is handling the situation. What’s more, the number of Americans who approve of putting boots on the ground to combat ISIS is up 7 points since November at 47%.Obama020215

Amid the ongoing fight between Congress and the White House on AUMF approval for action in the Middle East, 78% of respondents believe Congress should grant the President power to escalate the fight.