House Takes Shot at Obamacare in Opening Week

Making good on its promises, the 114th Republican Congress is already making strategic moves against the President and his signature accomplish with an early shot at Obamacare.

On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed in a largely partisan vote a bill that increases the full-time employee status under Obamacare from 30 hours per week to 40 hours. Newly re-elected Speaker John Boehner declared:

“When middle-class Americans can’t work a full, 40-hour work week because of the president’s health care law, they can’t provide for their families, pay their bills, or get ahead in a tight economy. Todd Young’s bill will help the thousands of Americans who either have, or are at risk of having, their wages and hours cut by repealing the 30-hour rule in Obamacare–a rule that hurts low-income workers and women the most.”

The bill now moves on to the Senate which is expected to pass as well along party lines and be sent to the White House. President Obama has already promised to veto the bill, but this could likely backfire on Democrats who campaigned largely on benefits to the working class.