Federalism, What? Harris Proposes New DOJ Control over STATES’ Abortion Laws

“Presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris released a plan Tuesday [May 28] that would mandate states where past anti-abortion laws have been overturned by the courts to have any new ones approved by the Department of Justice,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“‘Under the plan, states and localities will be subject to the preclearance requirement if they have a pattern of violating Roe v. Wade in the preceding 25 years,’ the California Democrat said.”

Harris’ “Reproductive Rights Act” would attempt to “codify abortion into state laws nationwide,” despite new pro-life laws passed by state legislatures in such states Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio.

Like most other 2020 Democrat hopefuls, Harris supports repealing the Hyde Amendment, a popular and decades-old policy that bars federal funding (AKA, taxpayers’ dollars) from going towards abortion services.

Even before her time in the Senate, Harris has long been an avid abortion rights supporter and has drawn criticism for going after pro-life activists and for maintaining a very close relationship with abortion giant Planned Parenthood.