If Impeached, Trump Demands Senate Trial

According to a news report in The Hill, President Trump said on Friday that if House Democrats choose to move forward with impeachment, then he wants there to be a Senate trial. House Democrats continue to wage war against the President through the impeachment hearings and will continue to fight until they see him removed from office.

While President Trump insists that his phone call with Ukraine’s president was entirely “appropriate” and does not warrant investigation or impeachment, House Democrats are still convinced that he made a quid pro quo (this for that) arrangement with Ukraine by allegedly withholding aid in exchange for political dirt on Joe Biden.

President Trump has blasted House Democrats, especially House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, for their continued efforts to undermine his administration and presidency and to suggest malpractice without substantive evidence.

However, if impeachment is brought forward, President Trump appears confident that it will be quelled by the Republican-controlled Senate.

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