Warren’s Star Rises on Opposition to ‘Cromnibus’ Bill

As the fight over the so-called $1.1 trillion ‘cromnibus’ spending bill heated up on Thursday prior to its final passage out of the House, a coalition of House and Senate progressives stepped up their rhetoric in opposition.

Led by newly-crowned progressive star Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the coalition railed specifically against a provision that would reduce regulations on Wall Street investors, reports Newsmax. The trading restrictions were put into law in 2008 in response to the economic collapse.

Warren railed at a press conference, “A vote for this bill is a vote for future taxpayer bailouts of Wall Street. We all need to stand and fight this giveaway to the most powerful banks in the country.”

Warren’s fight against the bill – and against many in her own party – builds her brand as an independent-minded fighter for the middle class and against cronyism and special interests. The obvious question is whether her outspoken opposition is simply part of her own political principle or a tactic that is calculated to grow the chorus of those calling for her to enter the fray against Hillary for the Democrat nomination.