Reports: Romney Assessing Potential Competition for 2016

Politico is reporting on more intel from ‘unnamed’ sources close to Mitt Romney that the tone and tenor of his previous opposition to a third White House bid is continuing to change and that his actions are speaking louder than his previous words ever could.

Allegedly “unenthused” by the current crop of potential GOP contenders, Romney has recently “assessed various people’s strengths and weaknesses dispassionately” and specifically “would not defer to Bush as the standard-bearer of the establishment wing of the Republican Party.”

One of the business executives with whom Romney met recently indicated that he was “more convinced the 2012 nominee was thinking about another run, adding that Romney came across confident he could win … and that the country had turned in his direction and he looks at the field and does not see anyone who does not look very beatable.”

Many key donors from his 2012 bid have declared publicly that they will not decide on whom to back in the nomination fight until Romney officially decides whether he will jump in, a fact that underscores what the polls already make clear: both Romney and Bush cannot run for president.