Walker Commences Steps to Start to Begin for 2016?

Gov. Scott Walker’s see-saw, juke and jive over whether he will ultimately decide to take a stab at the White House in 2016 saw another jive late this week with reports that he may already be assembling a campaign to help expand operations outside of the state of Wisconsin.

Politico reports that Walker has asked a group of campaign aides from his recent re-election campaign to remain on staff, and indications from some of those aides are that a potential location for presidential campaign headquarters would be downtown Madison.

Walker revealed that he’s taking all things into consideration, “Any (presidential decision) that would come officially would have to come after that… That could be midsummer. I want to fulfill those obviously important responsibilities.”

One top adviser remarked on the importance of timing and of organizing too quickly. “Rick Perry got in too late… Tim Pawlenty got in too early.” Walker says he is trying to find a balance: “It’s all about figuring out what’s just right. We went from, when I was county executive, Walker 1.0, to governor, Walker 2.0. If this was even ever realistic, we’d have to build a 3.0 right off the bat. You want to keep widening the circle.”