Cassidy Extends Lead Over Landrieu

Early last week Bill Cassidy’s campaign leaked an internal poll showing Cassidy leading embattled Sen. Mary Landrieu by as many as 15 points ahead of the December 6th Louisiana run-off.

With other polls showing only single digits between the two candidates, Democrats scoffed at the internal poll as an attempt to suffocate any financial support that might be on the sidelines for Landrieu.

But a new poll by well-respected Rasmussen Reports looks to shore up the notion that Cassidy’s double-digit lead is legitimate… and growing.

The poll released Thursday morning shows Cassidy pulling 56% to Landrieu’s 41%, only a day after a Vox Populi poll suggested that the lead CIB1121914-Cassidy-Landrieu-2-1024x643may be at many as 11 points without the margin of error taken into consideration.

Perhaps the most key factoid among Rasmussen’s results is that Cassidy is leading by 7 points among Independent voters, which looks to answer the question concerning whether voters who chose a candidate other than either him or Landrieu would swing to the GOP.

Turnout will be critical in the run-off election, and if the Nov. 4th midterm is any indication of what that might look like, it is conceivable Cassidy’s margin of victory may be as large as 15 points.