RGA Meets Potential 2016 Nominees

The Republican Governors Association will meet in Florida beginning today for its annual conference, and the buzz is all about the various member-governors among the list of potential White House contenders.

Among the list of agenda items is the replacement of current RGA chairman Gov. Chris Christie, who is presumed to be in the hunt for the GOP nomination, reports Newsmax.

And a number of would-be candidates for chairman will not be running to replace Christie, given the conflict of interest in the potential for a presidential bid.

Fresh off speculation that he may not run for president, Gov. Scott Walker explained his decision not to seek the chairmanship for this very reason, “It’s pretty obvious at least it’s something I should consider. And if I’m going to do that, I’m not going to put my colleagues in the position of having someone in place who isn’t 100 percent committed to the leadership of the organization.”

In addition to Christie and Walker, other potentials who will be descending on the Sunshine State conference include TX Gov. Rick Perry, LA Gov. Bobby Jindal, OH Gov. John Kasich, IN Gov. Mike Pence, and MI Gov. Rick Snyder.

Among the agenda’s highlights is the opening event that will feature a panel including Perry, Pence, Jindal, Walker and Kasich, which could shape up to be a preview of the nomination battle.