Will Walker Run?

As the 2016 race for the White House continues to heat up in the wake of the midterm bloodbath, speculation on the final slate of Republican presidential hopefuls continues to include newly re-elected Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Walker’s thrice-proven ability to beat back heavily-funded and organized unions and Democrat-aligned committees brings with it a sought-after talent in what might prove to be critical in unionized battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Iowa.

But Walker’s recent comments may indicate he’ll sit this one out. Earlier this week he quipped that he could ‘wait 20 years to run’ and still be the same age at Hillary Clinton.

Walker continued in an interview this week, “People look at this and say, why would I want to subject myself and my family to this, particularly my wife. We have been blessed that we have two sons, and instead of running away from it, they sort of got interested in it themselves. I think someone should run for president not because they want to be or yearn to be, but because they feel called to. Right now, I still feel called to be the governor of the state of Wisconsin, and I’m going to do the best job I can over the next four years.”