Keystone Can’t Save Landrieu

Fresh off her public break this week with Democrat Senate leadership on approval for the Keystone pipeline, embattled Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu’s ‘Hail Mary’ for a come-from-behind win in the Dec. 6th Louisiana Senate run-off is likely too little, too late.

According to an internal poll commissioned by her opponent Republican Bill Cassidy, she his losing the race by as much as 16 points, which is double the predicted margin of victory a week before last Tuesday’s elections.

Third place finisher Republican Rob Maness scored 14 points in the midterm which denied Cassidy the go-ahead to cross 50% and prevent the run-off, but soon after the finish Maness publicly endorsed Cassidy.

If the poll is correct, virtually all of Maness’s support has gone to Cassidy and then some. Should that trend hold, Cassidy’s win in the run-off will add a ninth seat to the GOP Senate wave.

Landrieu continues pressing the Keystone issue in hopes that some petroleum special interests will take note and kick her some much-needed campaign cash after the Democrat Party has all but abandoned her electoral efforts by withdrawing advertising dollars previously committed to the run-off.

Republicans have already responded by putting Cassidy front and center as the lead proponent of the House bill to approve Keystone, effectively canceling out any gravitas Landrieu might earn with her new-found public support.