Dems Secretly Spent Millions For Independent Greg Orman

Some surprising details have emerged now that political campaign committees have recently released their mandated reports on donations and expenditures over the previous months.

According to reports, detailed by Bloomberg Politics, the Democrat Senate Majority PAC gave $1.3 million to another PAC called Elect an Independent Senate in a number of installments. This began on exactly the date after which campaign finance numbers would not have to be disclosed until after the election.

Elect an Independent Senate spent the money directly on TV ads and other promotions to push Independent Greg Orman ahead of Republican Sen. Pat Roberts in the razor-thin battle for that Senate seat in Kansas.

Their efforts ultimately failed when Roberts recaptured his seat with a larger-than-predicted majority of 10 points on November 4th, which reflected a late push by the Republican Party in bringing a cadre of big names to Kansas to stump on Roberts’ behalf.