Obama Full Court Press Could Hurt Dems in 2016

Perhaps out of spite or just sheer impatience, President Obama has signaled a number of key executive moves in the coming weeks before the end of the lame duck congressional session, and not all of his fans are excited about them.

Despite the renewed push both by Democrats and Republicans alike to override the White House’s blocking of the Keystone pipeline, which would connect Canadian oil infrastructure to the Gulf of Mexico, Obama remains steadfast in his opposition to the deal.

As if that weren’t enough to unsettle many Democrats in Congress who represent more conservative, petroleum-dependent states, Obama has reignited concerns that he will make an executive decision on whether and how to grant some form of amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens in the U.S.

Simultaneously he has attempted to broker a deal with China on global warming regulations outside the confines of constitutional provisions for Senate treaty approval.

Should he press forward with any or all of these agenda items, the 2016 presidential cycle will swing into full view with pressure squarely on prospective Democrat nominees to either confirm or deny their support for the White House.

With polls showing severe skepticism over global warming, doubt about the future of the economy and vehement opposition to amnesty, Obama may once again be inexorably paving the way for Republicans to run on an anti-Obama agenda ahead of the presidential vote.