Pastor Defy IRS, Endorse Candidates

It’s no secret that, despite winning a court battle with Tea Party groups over whether they were targeted by the agency, the IRS has lost the public relations battle dismally. And that loss shows no signs of improving.

Now Christian pastors are pushing back against the agency in open defiance of the legal proscription on endorsement of political candidates from the pulpit, and the IRS doesn’t seem to care too much.

According to Politico, the number of pastors endorsing candidates has skyrocketed from a mere 33 in 2008 to over 1,600 in this year’s midterm election cycle.

In one example, Colorado pastor Mark Cowart declared boldly in favor of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez, “Beauprez is against more gun control, does not support abortion and he does protect the man-woman marriage — that’s the one I’m voting for…I’m endorsing biblical principles.”