Kansas Trends GOP in Early Voting

With Senate control on the line, Republicans have been sweating the conditions in Kansas for weeks where Sen. Pat Roberts is in a dead-heat with Independent Greg Orman.

But news from election officials may be the handkerchief to the GOP’s forehead. According to official numbers, early voting in Kansas leans in favor of Republicans, reports Newsmax.

Specifically, of the more than 150,000 ballots cast so far, 54% were from Republican voters. The kicker is that only 31% of those votes were Democrat ballots, which likely portends very good turnout numbers on election day for the GOP.

Kansas GOP Executive Director Clay Barker boasted, “Early voting is turning out as our voter data models predicted and is consistent with early voting patterns in 2010 and 2012. Republican voters are building a substantial lead over Democrats that is increasing with each passing day. There were no October surprises.”