Hispanics Abandon Democrat Party

The Democrat Party rightly has a great deal of concern for turnout in this election cycle. As Elbert Guillory’s campaign against Democrats has highlighted, the Democrats’ critical base among black voters is at-best apathetic about voting in this year’s midterm and at worst is defecting to the Republicans.

In either case, it does not bode well for the Dems’ electoral prospects in next week’s elections. Adding insult to injury, the party’s other key demographic base seems to be following suit.

According to a new WaPo/ABC poll, as much as half of Hispanics have no qualms with a GOP-controlled U.S. Senate, which reflects a starkly different attitude about the Republican Party than was seen in the 2012 presidential election in which fully 71% of Hispanics voted for Barack Obama.

CIB102914-Hispanic-Vote-2Even more stark in the poll is that, among those respondents who actually care which party controls  Congress, 30% of Hispanics prefer a switch to the GOP while only 15% prefer Democrat control.

CIB102914-Hispanic-Vote-499x600What’s more, 76% of respondents were not pleased with how the economy is moving along. This, too, portends good things for the GOP in that those who prefer a change in control will more likely turnout to vote while those who prefer Democrat control are less likely.

This comes as good news particularly for Republican Cory Gardner who leads Democrat Sen. Mark Udall by a small margin in that critical race. Equally, Republican Bob Beauprez, who has traded the lead with Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper in the race for the governor’s mansion, could see a bump in his favor.