Skeptical Voters Breaking to GOP

It comes as no surprise that the greatest sentiment among voters across the country is one of disdain and frustration with Washington, DC, for both parties. And, just as in 2008, the word ‘change’ seems to rule the day.

Another new WaPo/ABC poll revealed that, though overall voters prefer Democrats by a mere two points, actual likely voters swing heavily to the GOP.

Among those who intend to show up at the polls next Tuesday, 42% say they trust Republicans while only 39% say they trust the Democrats. What’s more, over half of the likely voters who trust neither party say they intend to vote Republican.

This comes as more good news for Republicans who expect to be able easily to turn out the party’s most loyal base of voters. The marginal votes received from everyone else casting what some are calling a ‘protest vote’ will simply be gravy to counter-balance any possible voter fraud.