TV Ads Being Booked for Louisiana Run-off

With just days remaining until the Nov. 4th midterm elections, most analysts interpret polls taken in the Louisiana fight over Democrat Mary Landrieu’s Senate seat to mean that neither she nor Republican Bill Cassidy will win the all-important majority vote to forestall a run-off.

If the polls are to be trusted, both candidates will win percentages somewhere in the neighborhood of the mid-thirties. If no one candidate reached 50% of the vote, the race will immediately progress to the run-off phase, which will end Dec. 6th.

Given this eventuality, campaign committees are already pushing money in that direction in hopes that Senate control will not be decided on Nov. 4th and that an upset in the Landrieu-Cassidy race in favor of Dems might keep control in their hands.

The Democrat’s Senate campaign committee has already bought $1.8 million of TV air time after Nov. 4th, and their GOP counterparts have spent $2.8 million, according to Newsmax.

If Senate control is not certain on election night, this $4.6 million would certainly represent the tip of the iceberg in what ultimately will be spent both by party committees and political action groups vying for the one-seat margin of control.

According to the most recent Suffolk University poll, in a head-to-head matchup between Cassidy and Landrieu, Cassidy leads Landrieu 48-41. But after a month of heavy campaign ads, the Dec. 6 run-off could go either way.