More ‘Calibration Errors’ Switch Votes to Democrats

Anyone who dismisses the voting machine ‘calibration error’ in early voting activity in Illinois last week may be less inclined to dismiss it as an anomaly after news of more ‘calibration errors’ have surfaced in Maryland, reports CBS Baltamore.

Early voting has just begun in the state and charges are already flying that allege possible rigging of machines after numerous reports of Republican votes being switched to votes for Democrats.

“We’ve heard from scores of citizens in our district and around the state who have had this problem where they hit one button to vote for one person, and when they go to the summary they see that the other person was checked,” detailed Delegate Nik Kipke.

With testimony by a software expert before Ohio’s state legislature on the ease with which electronic voting machine can be rigged, reports like these in Maryland and Illinois naturally raise red flags ahead of one of the most hard-fought midterm elections in recent memory.