The Most Painful Video This Election Season

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chieftain of the Democrat National Committee, has been making news late in this election cycle but for all the wrong reasons. And it has Republicans hoping she remains at the helm.

Just a few weeks ago, DWS was embroiled in controversy after her outlandish comments about Gov. Scott Walker during a public forum in which she likened his policies to domestic violence against women.

Now comes DWS again in a television interview in which she offered possibly the best argument for why the GOP will take the Senate: she could not answer which Senate toss-up states President Obama is campaigning in.

While discussing the election with the hosts of the Bloomberg Politics, she led off with the comment, “The president is campaigning in competitive races during this election cycle.”

That is when, T. Becket Adams reports for The Washington Examiner, she was met with an unexpected counter from co-host John Heilemann, “But what competitive Senate races is the president campaigning in? Is there one?” She was clearly stumped:

Then came the money-line from DWS after a long pause: “There are races that the president is campaigning in around the country, and he’s also governing. He’s doing his job, and he’s also spent time recording robo-calls, and doing radio spots, and making sure that our [get out the vote] focus is aggressive as possible.”