Video: Jeanne Shaheen Gets Booed at Debate

Last week, members of the audience laughed at New Hampshire Democrat Sen. Jeanne Shaheen during her debate with Republican Scott Brown when she refused to answer whether she had voted for Barack Obama.

This week things aren’t getting any better for her. A video has emerged of a brief interaction in their latest debate in which Sen. Shaheen is shown interrupting Scott Brown while he is making his closing remarks.

As he detailed his endorsement from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Shaheen butted in, “a Koch-funded organization.” The crowd immediately erupted, jeering “Rude!” followed by applause when Brown pointed out that he had given her due respect during her closing remarks.

The race continues on the razor’s edge as Brown has been shown in some recent polls to be closing the gap with Shaheen. With 5 of the last 6 polls within the margin of error, the race still very much a toss-up, and when turnout is factored in, the New Hampshire battle could go either way.