Michelle Fumbles the Ball in Iowa

Barack Obama and company just can’t seem to find a break in this election cycle. Nearly everything seems to be going in favor of the Republican Party. Where it’s not, Democrat favor may be illusory after a massive GOP turnout model, reports FOX News.

So when the president’s wife took to the trails in Colorado this week — given that no Democrat candidate wants her husband within 100 miles of their state — Democrats assumed things would, at worst, not get worse. But they did.

Campaigning for behind-in-the-polls Sen. Mark Udall, Michelle apparently mixed up who she was campaigning for and referred to Udall as a “fifth-generation” Coloradan. The problem is he’s not. He was born in Arizona to former Arizona Congressman Mo Udall and is part of a political family of Udalls that have more ties to Arizona, Utah and Nevada than to any other state.

Udall’s opponent, Republican Cory Gardner is a fifth generation Coloradan on the other hand.

The flub comes on the heels of Michelle’s mix-up in Iowa early this month in which, according to the National Journal, she referred to Democrat Bruce Braley as “Bailey”, after which a White House memo called him the candidate for Iowa Governor, not Senator.