Hispanics Turning on Dems

General polling numbers ahead of November 4th aren’t looking all that great for the Democrat Party, which just can’t seem to find a good break.

According to a recent ABC/Wash Post survey, Barack Obama’s 40% approval rating is at its lowest point ever, and similar numbers for his party are as dismal as they have been in the last 30 years.

What’s worse is that signs are showing the Hispanic vote is starting to turn its back on the party, reports The Washington Examiner. Hispanics are one of the Democrat Party’s key bases of support and this is coming at precisely the worst time imaginable.

In 2012, Hispanics gave 71% of their votes to Obama, but according to Gallup’s latest poll, approval for the president among Hispanics is at 44%, just a few points above the national average. With the midterm vote less than three weeks away, this spells a possible disaster for Democrats as turnout numbers among Hispanics will almost surely be much lower than in the past.