GOP Rakes in Last-Minute Cash

With just over two weeks remaining in the midterm election cycle, last-minute ad buys in the most competitive states are flooding into local economies in hopes of changing the decidedly pro-Republican trend in recent weeks.

According to FEC reports, Republican candidates are benefiting the most from a late flurry buys as Super PAC floodgates have opened up in response to polls showing an increasingly likely GOP takeover of the Senate.

In the key Senate races in Alaska, Louisiana, Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, North Carolina and Michigan, Republicans held a cash advantage in all but one of them, a net total of $7 million over Democrats.

In Iowa, Republican Joni Ernst raised $6 million alone in the latest quarter, over twice as much as Democrat Bruce Braley. With polls trending Republican and cash flowing, chances of a Democrat resurgence may have already vanished.