Down to the Wire in Colorado

Colorado looks to be going better and better every day for Republican Senate candidate Cory Gardner, but his counterpart in the Colorado governor race is still sweating it.

Polls over the last few weeks have shown Republican Bob Beauprez pulling well ahead of Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper in what many believe to be among a general trend in the state to right the course after a wayward move to the left in past elections.

But a new poll shows Hickenlooper may be regaining some of his lost ground and keeping the race competitive in these final three weeks of the midterm cycle.

Beauprez’s command of as much as 10 points over Hickenlooper has been reduced to four points in the latest Quinnipiac University poll, which puts the candidates at 46 and 42, respectively.

And following a trend in several other states, the Libertarian candidate in the race commands 5% approval. Without his candidacy, the margin of lead for Beauprez would improve to 5 points.

Should Hickenlooper continue to close the gap in the final two weeks before the election, voter turnout may be the final determinant in the outcome, one that has clear advantages for the GOP.